Celebrate cBridge’s 1-Year Anniversary with $23,000 in Rewards!

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Since the mainnet launch in July of 2021, cBridge has grown to support 34 different chains and 129 assets, with a total cross-chain transaction volume of more than $9.7 billion! Security has always been a top priority for us and as a result of that, we have never had any incidents that threaten the safety/security of cBridge and its users, making it one of the most secure cross-chain bridges available. To celebrate cBridge’s 1-year anniversary, we have prepared a special set of anniversary events! We have 3 unique activities planned with more than $23,000 in rewards for those who participate! Everyone is welcome and we look forward to seeing you there!

Please Note: All rewards will be given in USDT. 

Anniversary Event Details:

Duration: July 22nd, 2:00 UTC – August 3rd,  2:00 UTC 

Activity 1: cBridge Referral Carnival ($20,000)

How to Participate:
The prize pool of $20,000 will be divided between the 2 different ways users can participate in the cBridge referral carnival: 

Part 1
Create a unique cBridge referral link to share with other users. ($3,800 x 3 Rounds = $11,400)

This part of the activity is split into 3 rounds, one round every 4 days. Each round will have its own set of winners and you can win in multiple rounds! 

Round 1: July 22 02:00 UTC – July 26 01:59 UTC
Round 2: July 26 02:00 UTC – July 30 01:59 UTC
Round 3: July 30 02:00 UTC – August 3 02:00 UTC

Referral Links: Every user can create their own referral link to cBridge. We will calculate the total cross-chain bridge fee, the details of how we calculate this can be found here, for each referral link in each round in order to rank them for determining the rewards.

How to Create a Referral Link:
1. Manually modify the below URL: 
cbridge.celer.network/?ref=(your Ethereum wallet address)

For example:

2. Submit this URL to: https://forms.gle/12bSTGEzm2EgjzNG8
(Rewards will be sent to the Ethereum wallet address in your referral link.)

3. No review is required, once you have submitted your referral URL you can start right away! Share your referral link to invite others to use cBridge to transfer assets.

We will update the ranking table each day at 06:00 UTC during the event. 

Click this link to check the current rankings: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RU6v4Mrm4G_2l0gziEfB2_WOQbzgbaaU5dmz6IuSqbc/edit?usp=sharing

In each round, users who have created a referral URL and had it rank within the top 20 in terms of the 4-day total cross-chain bridge fee will receive the following:

Rank (4-day total cross-chain bridge fee)Rewards in USDT Per Winner Per RoundTotal Rewards
4th – 10th$150 $3150
11th – 20th$85$2550

Part 2
Use unique referral links generated by other users. ($8,600)

Users who used the created referral URLs and did not create one themselves will have a chance at part of the $8,600 prize pool.   

If you have used any of the referral URLs to complete a cross-chain transfer on cBridge and any of those used URLs are ranking within the top 20 in any round of the event, you will also have a chance to win! We will randomly select a total of 180 users from the addresses that have used any of the referral links that were ranked in the top 20 in any of the 3 rounds, to receive the rewards listed below. 

Used Referral URL Rank# of Randomly selected Winners Reward Per Winner (in USDT)
4th – 20th60$20


Activity 2: cBridge 1 Year Anniversary Special NFT Mystery Box (Unique NFTs + $2,000)

How to participate: 
Use cBridge to bridge an amount of any asset, where the last 2 digits end in “22”, from any chain/layer to any chain/layer, such as 0.0222 ETH or 222.2 USDT.

Every qualified user will be able to claim a cBridge 1-year anniversary special NFT on Project Galaxy

There are two versions of this NFT, a silver and gold version. Gold NFTs will be randomly given out when claiming an NFT until 40 have been awarded. Any users who have claimed a gold NFT will be awarded an additional $50 in USDT each!

Activity 3: cBridge Content Contribution Campaign ($1,000 + Unique NFTs)

How to Participate: 
To take part in this activity, users need to create content about cBridge and share it on social media then submit it to https://form.typeform.com/to/C04qJSfc

Some examples of content that qualify for this event are:

  • Tutorial videos about cBridge
  • An article or blog about your views of and experiences using cBridge
  • cBridge related GIFs or images (Milestones, cross-chain diagrams, funny memes etc.)

Please Note: A simple text-only tweet or short few sentences will not be enough to qualify for this part of the 1-year anniversary event.

In order to help content creators get started, here are some cBridge related icons and assets that you can use: Celer cBridge Icon Collection.

Every qualified user will be able to claim a cBridge 1-year anniversary NFT on Project Galaxy
We will randomly select 20 qualified submissions and award them $50 in USDT each. 

Reward Distribution

Users will need to claim all NFT rewards using Project Galaxy. NFTs will need to be claimed from August 4th 2:00 UTC to August 9th 2:00 UTC or you will forfeit your right to the NFT.

All rewards will be distributed by August 12th 2:00 UTC. For details, follow Celer official Twitter or join Celer’s official Telegram and stay tuned for updates.

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