How Celer Prepares for the Ethereum Merge 

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UPDATE (9/15): The cBridge dApp is now available to be utilized to and from the Merged Ethereum Mainnet!

With the Ethereum Merge coming soon, there has been a lot of discussion by our communities about how Celer can best prepare for this major upgrade event in various community channels. With lack of alternative proposals, the community consensus of how Celer handles the merge is to do nothing special and respond with all pre-defined procedures with no requirement of any new governance process or last-minute technical modification that has any level of security risk.

We now summarize this route as below.

Which ETH version will Celer support?

All Celer systems will be only supporting the ETH PoS chain (the official upgrade and chain id 1). This is because all other forked chains (such as ETH PoW) are essentially different blockchains with entirely different chain id and states than what was supported before. 

After the Merge, Celer cBridge’s cross-chain functionality, including cross-chain asset transfers to and from Ethereum PoW chains, adding and removing liquidity in liquidity pools on Ethereum PoW chains, will NOT be supported. This is because naturally these new chains will not be supported in the State Guardian Network as a cross-chain message destination with new chain id and states.

Supporting only Ethereum PoS means that users and validators do not need to perform any additional actions to prepare for the Merge and therefore do not involve any technical modification or governance process.

What will happen during the Ethereum Merge?

Considering the level of multi-blockchain dependencies involved in the upcoming ETH Merge, Celer’s validator community will act in the following steps according to the Major Chain Upgrade Procedure

  1. During the ETH Merge, Celer cBridge dApp’s all functionalities, including cross-chain transfers and liquidity addition and removal, on all chains will be paused out of abundance of caution. The validator community will try to minimize service disruption time while still having enough safe margin for distributed coordination. This temporary pausing of cBridge dApp functionalities will not happen earlier than 12 hours before the approximated Merge time. 
  1. Once ETH Merge completes successfully with stable finality of block production and the validator community confirms that there is no issue involving any connected chains and their corresponding official bridges, all cBridge functionalities will resume normally. 
  1. After the ETH Merge, you may experience additional delay when bridging to and from Ethereum. This is because Ethereum beacon chain has 96 blocks as finality delay which is more than the statistical finality of 35 blocks before the Merge. Read more here. 

We will always keep the community updated with any additional information.

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