Celer Integrates with Aptos Mainnet to Enable Cross-Chain Bridging!

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With the launch of Aptos Mainnet, a new L1 blockchain designed around security and scalability—Celer Network is excited to announce that we now support the bridging of 7 different tokens to and from Aptos Mainnet. This gives users the freedom to start moving their tokens to Aptos quickly, securely, and with very low costs!   

We have enabled token bridging for the following tokens and blockchains:

Ethereum <> Aptos: USDC, USDT, WETH, WBTC, and DAI
BNB Chain <> Aptos: BUSD and BNB

Celer-bridged Token Addresses on Aptos:
USDC: 0x8d87a65ba30e09357fa2edea2c80dbac296e5dec2b18287113500b902942929d::celer_coin_manager::UsdcCoin
USDT: 0x8d87a65ba30e09357fa2edea2c80dbac296e5dec2b18287113500b902942929d::celer_coin_manager::UsdtCoin
DAI: 0x8d87a65ba30e09357fa2edea2c80dbac296e5dec2b18287113500b902942929d::celer_coin_manager::DaiCoin
WETH: 0x8d87a65ba30e09357fa2edea2c80dbac296e5dec2b18287113500b902942929d::celer_coin_manager::WethCoin
WBTC: 0x8d87a65ba30e09357fa2edea2c80dbac296e5dec2b18287113500b902942929d::celer_coin_manager::WbtcCoin
BNB: 0x8d87a65ba30e09357fa2edea2c80dbac296e5dec2b18287113500b902942929d::celer_coin_manager::BnbCoin
BUSD: 0x8d87a65ba30e09357fa2edea2c80dbac296e5dec2b18287113500b902942929d::celer_coin_manager::BusdCoin

Users can use the cbridge.celer.network frontend to access this new functionality. cBridge smart contracts on Aptos have been fully audited. However, since the bridging smart contracts on Aptos and the Aptos blockchain itself are both still new, for the first few weeks Celer cBridge will be operating in the Optimistic Rollup-like security model for all transactions bridging into Aptos. This adds roughly an additional 15 mins to the transaction compared to bridging to other blockchains. However, we believe this is the best approach in order to optimize for security and help ensure a smooth launch. 

The Aptos blockchain was designed with scalability, safety, reliability, and upgradeability as key principles. With a people-first user experience mindset, Aptos is dedicated to creating a vibrant ecosystem to bring web3 to everyone. Aptos aims to provide a high-throughput, low-latency network for the individual needs of all participants. To achieve this high throughput, the Aptos blockchain leverages a pipelined and modular approach for the key stages of transaction processing. This leads to faster and safer release cycles, a structured path to scaling validators beyond a single machine, providing access to additional computation, network, and storage resources. With additional novel innovations like their Block-STM, a parallel execution engine for smart contracts built around the principles of Software Transactional Memory and optimistic concurrency control, as well as the incredibly fast and efficient AptosBFT Consensus—it allows Aptos to support a wide variety of use cases across NFT, gaming, commerce, social networks, and media & entertainment. 

Celer supports asset bridging via xAsset, a lock-and-mint method, for token transfers between external chains and Aptos. Additionally, discussions are underway to integrate Celer’s Inter-chain Messaging Framework, a generic message passing protocol, to seamlessly enable developers to build dApps with cross-chain application logics on Aptos. This will enable dApps to not only create smooth cross-chain UXs between Aptos and various external blockchains, but lays down the foundation to support NFT bridges, the ability to purchase and bid on NFTs across different chains, cross-chain reward claiming, and even syncing game stats cross-chain. All of these and more are not only possible to accomplish with Celer IM, but can be offered to users as a one-click, one-transaction UX.

Celer hopes to lay a solid interoperability foundation to ensure the Aptos ecosystem will be vibrant and thrive, and we are looking forward to seeing how Aptos will use Celer’s tech stack in the future and are excited to see where it goes!

About Celer Network

Celer is a blockchain interoperability protocol enabling a one-click user experience accessing tokens, DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, governance, privacy solutions and more across multiple chains. Developers can build inter-chain-native dApps using the Celer Inter-chain Message SDK to gain access to efficient liquidity utilization, coherent application logic, and shared states. Users of Celer-enabled dApps will enjoy the benefits of a diverse multi-blockchain ecosystem with the simplicity of a single-transaction UX, all from a single chain.

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