Optimism – Fee Rebate Event

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As a part of our OP grant proposal that was passed on Optimism, we will be running a special fee rebate event with the 150,000 OP that was allocated to us! cBridge users will receive 80% rebates for the fees (including the base fee, the protocol fee, and the source chain gas cost) while making cross-chain transfers into Optimism during the event period!

Event Details

Start Time: Nov. 15th 05:00 UTC
Total Event OP Token Pool: 150,000 OP
Per-User Rebate Maximum: 5,000 OP 

Only cross-chain transfers into Optimism are eligible for this fee rebate event. 

The fee rebates will be distributed in OP tokens and can be claimed on Optimism as soon as the transfer is completed. 

There is a maximum of 150k OP tokens that are available to be rewarded through this fee rebate event. Once we reach 150k OP tokens that have been distributed, the event will end.

The fee rebate proportion is 80%, however the total rebate amount per user is capped to the “Per-User Rebate Maximum” (5,000 OP) mentioned above.

The fee rebate amount will be based on the actual tx gas cost after it is mined. This means that the actual rebate amount may be slightly different compared to the estimation.

The user’s transfer volume (in USD) and the rebated amount (in OP) will be determined using the token prices at the time of the completed transfer.

You can track your rewards in the “Reward” tab of cbridge.celer.network. Rewards should be available a few minutes after the transfer is completed.

Note: Only cross-chain transfers that are completed when the event period is active will receive a fee rebate. Note that the following operations in cBridge will NOT be eligible for the fee rebate:

  • Transfers that are not to Optimism
  • Transfers that do not show the “Completed” status
  • Transfers made before the event starts or after the we have hit the 150k OP distribution cap
  • LP operations such as adding liquidity, removing liquidity, or aggregating & removing liquidity

Note: The fee rebate rewards should be claimed within 30 days after the event ends otherwise the rewards will be forfeited.

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