Celer Community Forum Launches

Today, we are excited to announce that Celer Community Forum has launched in collaboration with active contributors members and open-source contributors! From now, the Celer community will have...
Celer Network
3 min read

Celer Network adds Polkadot support with State Channel Substrate Modules Released

After running Celer state channel network on the Ethereum mainnet for one and a half years, we are now excited to announce the release of the Celer state...
Celer Network
2 min read

Will Celer try to be interoperable with as many chains as possible or are you focussing just on specific ones?

Since Celer’s cBridge is a multi-chain network enabling instant, low-cost, ANY-to-ANY value transfers within and across Ethereum’s layer-2 chains, Ethereum main chain, and soon support other layer-1s and...
Celer Network
4 min read

Celer Network 112th Bi-weekly Project Progress Report

Dear Community, Here is our 112th project progress report on our community building and technology development! Meanwhile, you can also follow our Twitter account for more updates from Celer Network....
1 min read

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Celer Network MVP: The Most Advanced State Channel Full-Stack…

After the initial release of our technical blog posts, we have received overwhelmingly positive responses. Lots of blockchain engineers are asking us about how...
Tai Hung Lu
5 min read

Celer Network: Bring Internet Scale to Every Blockchain

Today, we are excited to launch Celer Network out of stealth! TL;DR: Celer Network is the first off-chain operating network with coherent technology and...
Tai Hung Lu
7 min read

A Case for cSpeed Off-Chain Operating Network

Taking an abstract view, many modern economic activities are essentially the flow of information and value, and the conversion between them. In the past...
Tai Hung Lu
3 min read