Celer cBridge Partners with Crabada’s Swimmer Network to Enable Cross-Chain Asset Transfers

Celer Network is excited to announce the successful implementation of Celer cBridge on the Swimmer Network! This was done in order to support Crabada’s Idle-Game and marketplace migration...
Celer Network
1 min read

Celer partners with Solace to Expand Cross-Chain Underwriting Capabilities using Celer IM

Solace will be using the Celer Inter-chain Message (IM) SDK, to aggregate their underwriting capacity data across different chains with additional plans to move into the risk assessment...
Celer Network
2 min read

AMA Summary – Held on April 8, 2022

General Celer Update Let’s first have a look at our analytics page on https://cbridge-analytics.celer.network/! We have achieved almost $5.9B transaction volume on Celer cBridge. TVL is now $735M,...
Celer Network
10 min read

Celer Network Monthly Report – April 2022

Celer Technology R&D Update  We’ve completed the development and testing of the Flow Chain cross-chain bridge and have launched on mainnet. We’ve improved Celer IM, developed an executor...
Celer Network
4 min read

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A Case for cSpeed Off-Chain Operating Network

Taking an abstract view, many modern economic activities are essentially the flow of information and value, and the conversion between them. In the past...
Tai Hung Lu
3 min read