Celer Network: Let’s #BUIDL scalable dApps at ETHDenver!

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We are thrilled to announce the launch and upgrade of Celer’s public testnet 2.0, Sirius, from the debut version Centauri Testnet right before ETHDenver! And Celer’s layer-2 technology-driven dApp gateway mobile application CelerX from the previous cWallet. Sirius Testnet is the second public release of Celer Network’s testnet with a strong focus on refining user experience and expanding development framework features.

Along with our Sirius launch, we sincerely invite you to join us for an engaging and fun time at ETHDenver! Join our telegram now and keep updated!

$5,000 for BUIDLing scalable and smooth UX dApps on Celer Network

Do you want to build interactive Ethereum games, online auction, prediction market or micro payment services and have a path to monetization?

Are you extremely annoyed by the disastrous UX caused not by you, but by the slow blockchain and the high transaction fees?

Are you having trouble maintaining any meaningful user retention for your dApps?

Are you looking to build something more fun and interesting than fomo3d or slot machine?

Are you a great indie game developer but having trouble monetizing your next great idea?

If so, we sincerely invite you to try out CelerX, an app platform built on top of Celer Network SDK. It will have all the above challenges solved! Just on testnet, this app is achieving amazing growth numbers. Citing from one of our users: “I cannot even feel the existence of blockchain”. This is how fast Celer Network is.

cWallet testnet statistics

If you are a serious dApp developer, I am sure you will want that kind of user experience for your users and 20% 7-day retention. Just join our workshop and you will be amazed by the performance! Let’s BUIDL on Celer at ETHDenver!

Last year at ETHSF, we released our iOS and Android SDK . At ETHDenver, we are unveiling our official first Javascript web SDK! Don’t miss our workshop on Friday, February 15 at 5PM. Come and meet us here:

  • Celer & Chainlink Meetup, Thursday, 2/14 at 5:30PM.
  • Celer Web SDK Workshop, Friday, 2/15 at 5PM.
  • Layer-2 Panel, Saturday, 2/16 at 1:35PM

$5,000 Bounty for ETHDenver

Your fantastic ideas will certainly be rewarded! We are proud to offer the following bounty awards to teams using Celer SDK at ETHDenver:

cGamer: up to $2500 for the best game built using Celer Network

Celer SDK is a natural fit for blockchain gaming. Celer Network provides milli-second level interactive user experiences, ZERO transaction fees and perfect fairness with our world’s first support of generalized state channel smart contract.

You can try out a fun board game as an example in our mobile application today in CelerX. With our existing iOS SDK, Android SDK and our newly released javascript SDK, we encourage all developers to build interactive and fun “real-cash” skill-based competition games using Celer Network SDK.

If you are able to build ANY game using Celer SDK, you will be qualified for the $1,500 prize! By meeting additional criteria, you will have a chance to qualify for a bonus $1,000 prize!!

$500: if the game uses any conditional payment functionality

$500: if the game involves any state exchange between multiple players

The grand total prize can be as much as $2,500 for the winning team!

cInnovator: $1500 for the most innovative application built using Celer Network

Celer SDK can do a lot more than just gaming. Need inspiration? In previous blockchain hackathons, there are many example of innovative applications built using Celer, such as:

This time at ETHDenver, we continue the tradition of awarding the most innovative application, built with Celer Network! We look forward to your brilliant ideas!

cBUIDLer: $1000 to split among up to 5 teams

If you simply want to try out Celer, we also got you covered. If you use ANY Celer SDK and build ANY application, or even just getting our demo application running, you are more than welcome to do so. The earliest up to 5 teams registering their applications built with Celer SDK will share $1000 reward.

Besides the $5,000 bounty we provided for all hackers, we also prepared lots of fun gadgets and extra prizes at our booth! Definitely stop by at Table 10 and look for our core engineers with Cnicorn T-shirts! Can you be the King of Gomuku and win all the BIG prizes? 🙌

We are very excited to showcase our technology at ETHDenver and we can’t wait to see how you can create with the world leading layer-2 solution! If you have a great idea, come and talk to our developers at our booth and we will help you to build it out!

See you soon at the ETHDenver!!!

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