Celer Network at ETHDenver: 2,600 Users, Web SDK, Telegram Instant Payment, Real-Cash Games and…

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People say, 2019 is the year of layer 2 scaling for Ethereum. We truly felt the enthusiasm at ETHDenver.

Launched just one week ago at ETHDenver, CelerX, the mobile user entry point for Celer Network’s newest Sirius testnet, now has more than 2,600 users, and more than 13,000 cGomoku games played in total. Our users come from 40+ countries all over the world. Your opponents could potentially come from the United States, China, United Kingdom, India, Germany, Singapore, Japan, Russia, etc. On average, each user would spend about 30 minutes on CelerX.

Let’s hear what our users are saying about the user experience improvements brought by Celer Network’s world-leading layer-2 scaling technology:

Leszek (our youngest user):

“CelerX has a really nice use and this is definitely the kind of the dApps that I would want to use in the future.”


“With my layer-2 experience, seeing the instant payments and seeing them be final immediately are pretty incredible.”


“I played the Gomoku game all night. Generally, the Ethereum takes me about two-minute for a small transaction, but for your game, the moment I deployed, the transactions are there!”


“CelerX dApps does feel like a regular app. The experience is pretty awesome, that I’ve been able to play decentralized games on the state channel level.”


“CelerX helps speed up dApps and reduces the transaction costs. Users will be more acceptable to the blockchain.”


“CelerX is very fast to make the transactions and very simple to use.”

3 Teams, 5 BIG Prizes. Hear what developers say about Celer SDK.

At ETHDenver, we offered a total of $5,000 bounty to reward projects using Celer SDK. Two of the projects that developed using Celer SDK won runner up awards at ETHDenver.

Please checkout what developers are saying about their BUIDL experience using Celer Network SDKs:

Celer JavaScript web SDK was first unveiled at ETHDenver. We are super excited to see talented developers immediately jumping on developing some super cool projects using Celer SDK! If you’d like to build your own amazing projects, definitely check out Celer Android SDK, iOS SDK and JavaScript SDK.

cGamer Award, ETHDenver Runner-Up Award: Battle Bombers

We are taking the concept of mobile first crypto applications to users and developers. With the help of open track Celer SDK for state-exchange between multi-players, Battle Bombers uses an architecture which accesses the full native extensions in mobile ecosystems which really stretch the capabilities of cryptocurrency on mobile. App developers and designers will be able to fully express their creative abilities on mobile platforms without restriction and it shows through with this gaming application, Battle Bombers. — Battle Bombers Team

The game integrated the Celer iOS SDK into an iMessage app. The SDK initializes the connection to Celer Network, establishes the game sessions and handles off-chain payments conditioned on the game results. The game states are exchanged via iMessage directly. Because of the off-chain nature, the payments are resolved instantly, allowing the users to keep playing rounds and rounds of this fun game.

cInnovator Award, ETHDenver Runner-Up Award: Ethergram

The Ethergram is a Telegram app that allows you to: send Ethereum transactions and ERC20 tokens via Telegram messenger (only client side). We used Celer’s technology for the cheap and fast transactions. Ethergram supports xDAI, DAI, BUFF, BTC and ETH on Mainnet. It means you already can pay for the food at the EthDenver19. — Ethergram Team

The projects integrates the Celer JavaScript SDK into a Telegram app. Through the APIs provided by the SDK, the user is able to open a Celer channel, make deposits and withdraws, and send off-chain payments to other Telegram users. For payments, the sender inputs a password to unlock their private key, and the receiver will receive a Telegram message that prompts them to open a Celer channel if they have not done so. If the channel has already been opened, the payment flows through automatically. Being able to send and receive money purely within Telegram is an amazing showcase of the Celer JavaScript SDK.

cBUIDLer Award: Bears, Bulls, & Bufficorns

Bears, Bulls, & Bufficorns is an online multiplayer JavaScript game running entirely on the Celer Network via the Celer SDK. The game involves state exchange between two Celer clients, and conditional payment functionality (as the losing player automatically sends ETH to the winner). CelerX is very fast to make the transactions and very simple to use. — Bears, Bulls, & Bufficorns Team

The projects integrates the Celer JavaScript SDK into a fun rock-paper-scissors style web app. Through the APIs provided by the SDK, the user opens a Celer channel, starts a game session with the counterparty, and sends a conditional payment based on the result of the game. The game states are exchanged via Celer’s game servers via a simple API call. Once the result is ready, the conditional payment gets resolved immediately.

King of Gomoku Campaign

As a continuation of our tradition from ETHSF, we hosted another King of Gomoku campaign at ETHDenver. Instead of being the survivor of the Gomoku game, this time we made a little changes on our rule. We prepared big prizes for the top 6 among all ETHDenver players.

Developers and users competed with friends or random players on the Gomoku off-chain game and discussed the strategies on winning. Most importantly, our users were amazed by the speed of off-chain conditional payment and how the entire game was implemented by the off-chain smart contract. Meet Leszek, Ryan, Miran, Joseph, Souradeep and Xavier, our “King of Gomoku” winners after playing the game and staying on the top of the leaderboard!!

We appreciate all your support and we really enjoyed our time at ETHDenver! We can’t wait to see what other projects you could build with Celer SDK! As always, please looking forward to more updates from Celer Network! Cheers!

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