Celer Network at ETHNewYork, State Channel Research Discussions, and The Future of Layer2 Meetup

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Celer Team @ ETHNewYork

Came back from the New York Blockchain Week, we are amazed by the amount of people and corporations that jumped on the blockchain bandwagon. People from different industries, like financial, logistics, banking, fashion, etc., are showing a lot of interests on potential blockchain applications.

At ETHNewYork, we officially launched our newly designed CelerX. Hundreds of developers got to experience the first behind-the-scenes sneak peek of the new design.

Let’s see what our users say about their experience with CelerX:


“I was surprised by how fast it is. It feels like a game with no crypto behind it, I would not know there’s state channel behind it.”


“Compare with other dapps, CelerX is more fluent, and definitely has more advanced UX. Don’t need to make different switches. It’s a very production ready application.”


“I really enjoyed using CelerX. When I interacted with other dapps, they are kind of slow. With CelerX, only one initial activation, I feel like I’m not even doing blockchain interactions anymore.”

ETHNewYork Bounty and Winning Projects

We offered in total of $2,500 bounty to reward developers that build using Celer SDK. If you’d like to build your own amazing projects, definitely check out Celer Android SDK, iOS SDK and JavaScript SDK. And join our developer community if you have any questions or concerns.

Celer SDK:


Developer Doc:


ETHNewYork Bounty

cGamer Award: Cujo

Digital, tokenized real world assets + layer 2 scaling solutions will enable the next breakthrough in Dapps. 3D interfaces can be seamlessly integrated into Dapps, enabling sophisticated user interaction. We built a 3D interactive CryptoKitties battling system where you can compete over LAN for other people’s CryptoKitty shares by being the first to take the other’s position on the game board. If you defeat their Kitty, you receive the ERC20 tokens in the Celer state channel. The ERC20 tokens are then redeemed for the trophy cat. Cujo has fully functional 3D cat battling with dynamic CryptoKitty rendering. Smooth integration with Celer. — Cujo Team

The Cujo team built a 3D interactive CryptoKitties battling system where players battle over a LAN network for each other’s kitty. The team wrote a smart contract that splits any ERC721 into an ERC20 representing shares of the NFT. As soon as one possesses 100% of the ERC20 tokens, they can reconstruct the NFT and redeem the ERC721. Once the ERC20s are minted, they are deposited into a Celer state channel where they are traded and transferred. Once a game finishes, the loser pays the winner the ERC20 off-chain via Celer state channels.

cBUIDLer Award: myproject2

It’s hard for developers to get rewarded for the work they put in with apps or other digital work. We want to bridge the gap between payments and developers who don’t generally qualify for the usual app store payment routes. We use a layer 2 channel, Celer, to lock funds and make funds available to developers very quickly. — Myproject2 Team

The “myproject2” team wanted to bridge the gap between payments and developers who don’t generally qualify for the usual app store payment routes. The app lets users deposit fiat onto the platform through Wyre, which converts the deposits into stablecoins like DAI. Developers who host their apps on the marketplace are then paid in stablecoins via Celer state channels.

King of Gomoku Campaign

Besides our bounties to developers who build using Celer SDK, we also brought amazing gifts for people who attended ETHNewYork and try out alpha mainnet version of CelerX. With the great success at ETHDenver, we hosted another King of Gomoku campaign at ETHNewYork. We prepared big prizes for the top 3 among all ETHNewYork players.

Our users were amazed by the speed of off-chain conditional payment and how the entire game was implemented by the off-chain smart contract. “It feels like a game with no crypto behind it, I would not know there’s state channel behind it.” Meet Roman, Derrick, and DJ, our “King of Gomoku” winners after playing the game and staying on the top of the leaderboard!!

Meetup and Events:

On May 16th, Ethereum’s state channel protocol researchers & engineers from Celer, Magmo, L4ventures, Connext, Perun, Pisa Research and Ethereum gathered together to find a unified and shared path.


See here for Part 1 of a three-part blog series by Celer Network and L4 about state channels. In Part 1, we give a high level overview of state channels and introduce the readers to the basic concepts. In Parts 2 and 3, we will cover how developers can use state channels in their applications, and then examine state channel architecture in more detail.


The Future of Layer2, NYC Edition

Later on the same day, we hosted our “The Future of Layer2” NYC edition. Kevin Wang from Nervos, Liam Horne from L4, Jack O’Holleran from SKALE, Arjun Bhuptani from Connext, George Konstantopoulos, Anurag Arjun from Matic, FRANCOIS-RENE RIDEAU from Alacris, and James Duncan from Abridged joined with Mo Dong from Celer to discuss the differences between layer1 and layer2, and future use cases for all layer2 solutions. Check out the panel discussion here:

We truly appreciate all your support and we were super excited to meet all of you in New York. Celer will keep improving and keep bringing the best tool to use and most fun game to play. We can’t wait to see what other projects you could build with Celer SDK! As always, please look forward to more updates from Celer Network! Cheers!

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