Celer Network Alpha-Mainnet: Play to Earn, Build to Monetize

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Celer Network’s alpha-mainnet launch, Cygnus, marks the beginning of the world’s first Generalized State Channel Network, starting from Ethereum. It opens up an entirely new dimension of blockchain layer-2 scalability with real-time and zero-fee interaction, instant micro payments and low-latency interoperability for decentralized Apps.

Cygnus aims to be meaningfully useful from day one. From kickoff, end users will be able to develop skills and play to earn cryptocurrency in Cygnus’ premiere gaming hub, CelerX. We are empowering the developer communities to build skill-based mobile games which they can monetize with CelerX eSport Gaming SDK. Users from around the world can enjoy fun and frictionless eSport games in CelerX app and compete with players around the world to earn real crypto prizes. Our platform offers developers a frictionless development experience with ZERO blockchain experience that can be used through CelerX eSport Gaming SDK to harvest the power of Celer Network and monetize their games with as few as two lines of code. For blockchain developers, we continue to support and expand the features on the Celer web SDK to support advanced development needs.

CelerX: Play eSports Games, Win Crypto Prizes

Users do not like blockchain applications today because the user experience is horrible: extremely laggy feeling of each click, always paying for each small action and confusing onboarding process.

Celer Network solves these pressing issues and enables real-time human interaction in blockchain applications. Just like internet adoption got a huge boost with instant messaging apps that enabled real-time human interaction on information, we believe the explosion of blockchain adoption will be ignited by the possibility to have real-time human interaction on value.

CelerX takes a huge step towards that direction by distilling Celer Network’s advanced and complex layer-2 scaling technology to straightforward benefits for our users. In CelerX, you can enjoy an arcade of skill-based eSport games, hone your skills and win prizes in ETH, DAI and CELR by competing with players all over the world. Players can enjoy user experiences rivaling that of centralized applications: instant response of every click, zero smart contract transaction fee and zero-friction onboarding experience.

CelerX download link: celerx.app

CelerX download link: celerx.app

CelerX finally opens the door of real-time human interaction on blockchain. It will be the Trojan Horse of blockchain mass adoption as our users sum up in one sentence:

“CelerX games feel like a regular game.”

Come onboard and test CelerX. We are also partnering with MakerDAO to give out $10,000 DAI to new players in a limited time! Invite friends and you can earn more rewards!

Celer eSport Gaming SDK: TWO Lines of Code and ZERO Blockchain Experience

Now you tried out these fun blockchain eSport games , and as a developer, you must be thinking: how can I build games with Celer to reach global users, higher retention and sustainable monetization?

Do I need to really understand Celer’s state channel technology?

Do I need to learn a new blockchain programming language?

Do I need to handle off-chain payment processes?

Do I need to write a lot of smart contracts?

Do I need to manage user’s private keys?

Do I need to complex testing and deploying frameworks?

Do I need to build a matching engine?


We are glad to give a one-word definitive answer to all above questions: No.

What you actually need:

10mins of your time and two lines of code!

10mins of your time and two lines of code

How could it be possible?

We present you Celer eSport Gaming SDK specially tailored towards your needs!

No Previous Blockchain experience required:

Our mission is to enable developer communities to focus on what they do best: game design and development. Let us handle all the blockchain connection stuff, game matching and payment resolution complexities. All you need to do is to add TWO LINES of code and your single-player HTML5 games, like Fish Jump, will be turned into a fun eSport game that global blockchain users can immediately compete and have fun with. The whole integration process takes less than 10 minutes!

Once you get the hang of it, you can choose to use Celer’s off-chain smart contract capability to build more games like Gomoku, where each move on the board is a layer-2 smart contract transaction and there is absolutely no transaction cost or laggy feeling when playing. Your users won’t feel the difference between a layer-2 smart contract based game vs a normal hosted game.

If you are interested in building more real-time games like Moon Fight, we got you covered as well! The integration efforts is also seamless because Celer eSport Gaming SDK can easily integrate with all HTML5 gaming and frame syncing engines, and supports for more gaming engines like Unity is coming soon!

Moon Fight in CelerX (coming soon😄)

Sign up, watch a step-by-step guide tutorial and start to monetize your game globally under 10 mins!

Endless Possibilities with Advanced Technology

The frictionless user and developer experiences of CelerX and Celer eSport Gaming SDK won’t be possible without Celer’s foundational technology breakthrough. Celer builds the first and world’s most advanced generalized state channel network infrastructure that is released with a LONG list of technical features.

From a high-level, we want to give the following highlights to developers:

  1. Celer provides smart contract programmability on layer-2
  2. Celer’s smart contract off-chain transactions is 100% FREE
  3. Celer accelerates smart contract interaction latency by 10,000X
  4. Celer provides a powerful abstraction of “conditional payment”
  5. Celer’s state channel heavily optimizes on-chain state channel costs to the lowest level.

One low-level design pattern we would like to specially highlight here is layer-2 conditional payment. Take the simplest example of a boolean conditional payment, Alice can conditionally pay Bob off-chain instantly with zero gas fee. Whether this payment actually happens or not will depend on some future on-chain verifiable condition being true or false. The on-chain verifiable condition can take many shapes and forms: it can be results from an Oracle contract, such as whether Golden State Warrior wins the NBA finals; it can be some execution results of another smart contract, e.g. whether the ownership of a Cryptokitty was transferred to Alice; it can also be a result of a generalized state channel smart contract, such as whether Alice win the state channel game or not. The kind of conditional payment resolution can also be flexible beyond the simple “yes” and “no”, we will talk more about that in our technical deep dive article.

Three main benefits of using layer-2 conditional payment are:

  1. Instant. Do not need to wait for any on-chain confirmation delay.
  2. Low-cost. No high gas cost for small payment.
  3. Private. The dependent condition remain entirely private with no on-chain trace.

Tapping into the raw power of Celer Network through Celer SDK, not only gaming, a wide range of applications can be finally made possible on all platforms. Just to name some examples:

  1. Usage based car insurance
  2. Peer-to-peer electricity metering and payment system
  3. Peer-to-peer social betting
  4. Fine-grained metered hosting services with SLA guarantee
  5. Decentralized and high liquidity financial derivative exchanges
  6. Instant order-matching prediction market
  7. Crowd insurance with micro payments
  8. Micro auction and instant payout for advertisement publisher
  9. Peer-to-peer VPN services with instant payment
  10. P2P Wifi and data connection sharing
  11. Live streaming with instant tipping from global audience
  12. Usage-based content sharing
  13. Merchant and PoS system with extremely low transaction fee

If this gets you Interested, please checkout our web SDK developer document and ask any question on our discord channel! We look forward to seeing these applications built by you!

What’s next?

Celer Network’s alpha mainnet is the first release with many updates coming in the following months. There are still some rough edges and we appreciate your patience with us and your feedback is always extremely valuable!

In the next few weeks, we will publish more developer video tutorials for CelerX eSport gaming SDK, detailed release notes of the alpha mainnet, specification of state channel smart contract and off-chain communication protocol, bug bounty program, security audit report and more.

CelerX download link: celerx.app

Now onto the exciting stuff, for a limited time, we are giving out $10,000 DAI with a partnership with MakerDAO to everyone who download CelerX. We hope you enjoy the frictionless user experience and have some fun competing with your friends on Celer games!

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