Celer IM Integration with Rubic: A ONE-STOP Decentralized Trading Platform

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With the launch of the Celer Inter-chain Message (Celer IM) framework on April 25th, we also announced a list of our launch partners. Today we are excited to talk about one of them in a little more detail. Rubic, a multi-chain swap protocol, will be integrating the Celer IM framework to facilitate cross-chain swapping of various tokens! 

In combination with cBridge’s cross-chain asset ability, Rubic’s use of Celer IM will provide Rubic users with more efficient, faster, and lower cost options for multi-chain swaps, where the best token swap options can be aggregated and executed with the single click of a button.

The Celer Inter-chain Message (IM) framework creates a new way for multi-chain dApps to operate in conjunction with each other. Current multi-chain dApps typically deploy isolated copies of their underlying smart contracts on each new blockchain that they want to connect with. Despite sharing the same code, their application logic and shared states differ radically according to the protocol on which they are based. Often they only share the same user interface and native token.

Cross-chain compatibility is mostly a universally agreed upon goal throughout the corners of the cryptocurrency space. Rubic has been working towards this goal since they began aiming to deliver a complete ONE-STOP decentralized trading platform that features multi-chain swaps, on-chain swaps, and much more. The implementation and integration of Celer IM with Rubic will open even more opportunities for multiple cross-chain expansions in the future!

Rubic founder Vladimir Tikhomirov celebrated the integration with Celer IM, adding that he was excited by the combination of Rubic with Celer’s cross-chain tools. 

Tikhomirov said “One of Rubic’s goals is to provide the best rates, swap routes, and intuitive UIs for all kinds of swaps, across all networks, with the help of the most progressive and reliable services. In simple terms, Rubic is planning to create a Stripe for all networks and tokens across the industry. 

Our Service must include in it providers which are shown to be trustworthy and reliable throughout their history. The integrated providers must function in a stable manner and be capable of processing a massive amount of information, while also providing the best user experience. We have found all of this in Celer’s inter-chain message framework. Rubic and myself are happy that Celer will be one of the major providers for our service.  

This cooperation will mark the beginning of a new path in Rubic’s development, which will have a hugely positive impact on our ability to provide the best experience for our users. We are looking forward to continuing to work on creating the most convenient cross-chain experience for our users, and we’re happy that Celer is assisting us in achieving that.”

Celer IM can currently be integrated with any number of multi-chain dApps with ease and requires no modifications to existing code. Popular DEXes such as UniSwap or SushiSwap can be made compatible with Celer IM by using a simple plugin.

About Rubic

Rubic is a multichain DeFi ecosystem, which features multi-chain swaps, on-chain swaps and much more. Our aim is to deliver a complete ONE-STOP decentralized trading platform. The Rubic platform is a place where users can complete multi-chain swaps utilizing different solutions, where users will get the best rates from all the leading swap protocols (thanks to a DEX aggregator implementation), as well as our unique multi-chain feature which gives the opportunity to swap all supported tokens on 1 click!

Learn more here: https://rubic.exchange/ 

About Celer Network

Celer is a multi-chain operating system that allows the various application logic, liquidity and states, normally segregated across different chains, to communicate with one another and enables seamless cross-chain composability for dApp developers and projects. Developers can build cross-chain-native dApps using the Celer cross-chain Message SDK with efficient liquidity utilization, coherent application logic, and shared states. Users of Celer-enabled dApps will enjoy the benefits of a diverse multi-blockchain ecosystem with the simplicity of a single-transaction UX from a single chain.

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