Celer Partners with Polygon zkEVM with cBridge Support for Mainnet Launch

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We are excited to announce that Celer is partnering with Polygon zkEVM as one of their launch partners! Celer is supporting Polygon zkEVM with cBridge bridging support, via the xLiquidity model, to enable users to seamlessly bridge ETH to Polygon zkEVM from across multiple blockchains, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, Avalanche, and Fantom.

Having recently launched their Mainnet Beta, let’s discuss Polygon zkEVM a bit. Polygon zkEVM is a decentralized Ethereum Layer 2 scalability solution that uses cryptographic zero-knowledge proofs to offer validity and quick finality to off-chain transaction computation. This technology, also known as a ZK-Rollup, is a virtual machine designed and developed to emulate the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) by recreating all existing EVM opcodes for transparent deployment of existing Ethereum smart contracts. By using a ZK-Rollup, Polygon zkEVM is able to run on top of the Ethereum Mainnet and exponentially improve the scalability and transactions per second (TPS) of Ethereum!

We are thrilled to be included as a Mainnet launch partner for Polygon zkEVM. With this initial bridging integration, users are now able to enjoy the benefits of cross-chain ETH transfers with fast and low-cost transactions between the supported chains mentioned above. With Celer’s bridging technology, users can securely transfer assets across multiple blockchains without the need for complex and time-consuming transactions. Combining that with the power of zkEVM, users are able to experience high throughput, low latency, and low-cost transactions, making it easier and more accessible for them to participate in the blockchain ecosystem.

In addition, this integration will bolster the security and reliability of the Polygon zkEVM ecosystem by leveraging Polygon’s strong security infrastructure and Celer’s robust messaging framework. This will enable developers to create more innovative and secure applications that can scale across multiple chains, improving the overall user experience. We look forward to seeing the impact of this integration on the broader community and are excited to see what the future holds!

About Polygon zkEVM

Polygon zkEVM is an open-source ZK-Rollup providing EVM opcode compatibility for a frictionless user experience and the security of Ethereum. It is the first zero-knowledge scaling solution that is fully equivalent to an EVM. All existing smart contracts, developer toolings and wallets work seamlessly. The zkEVM harnesses the power of ZK proofs to reduce transaction cost and massively increase throughput, all while inheriting the security of Ethereum.

About Celer Network

Celer is a blockchain interoperability protocol enabling a one-click user experience accessing tokens, DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, governance, privacy solutions and more across multiple chains. Developers can build inter-chain-native dApps using the Celer Inter-chain Message SDK to gain access to efficient liquidity utilization, coherent application logic, and shared states. Users of Celer-enabled dApps will enjoy the benefits of a diverse multi-blockchain ecosystem with the simplicity of a single-transaction UX, all from a single chain.

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Are you interested in working with or integrating Celer’s tech? Let us know! We are always interested in exploring new projects and opportunities!

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