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Celer cBridge is already integrating with Circle’s New Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol

With Circle’s recent announcement surrounding their Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol, we are excited to announce that Celer cBridge has already taken the first steps by...
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dForce integrates Celer IM into dForce Trade—Enabling Cross-Chain Token Swaps

In early 2022, Celer partnered with dForce to enable cBridge support for bridging between different chains like Ethereum, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, and Optimism quickly,...
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Celer Partners with Sei with plans to Integrate Celer cBridge and Celer IM into their Ecosystem

We have more exciting news to announce! Celer will be partnering with Sei by providing support for both asset bridging and generic message passing...
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Celer Integrates Celer Inter-chain Messaging Framework with Arbitrum Nova

We are excited to announce that Celer has successfully integrated generic message passing (Celer IM) with Arbitrum Nova!
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Celer Expands Support of zkSync to Include Asset Bridging and Message Passing (Celer IM) for zkSync 2.0

We are excited to announce that Celer has successfully integrated with the zkSync 2.0 testnet and will launch on Day 1 of zkSync 2.0’s...
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Optimism – Fee Rebate Event

As a part of our OP grant proposal that was passed on Optimism, we will be running a special fee rebate event with the...
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Peti: the Bridgeless Omnichain Liquidity Protocol with High Liquidity Efficiency, MEV Protection, and Zero Slippage

We are excited to announce that we are launching Peti, an omnichain liquidity protocol that provides an incredibly smooth and cost efficient experience for...
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Celer Integrates with Aptos Mainnet to Enable Cross-Chain Bridging!

With the launch of Aptos Mainnet, a new L1 blockchain designed around security and scalability—Celer Network is excited to announce that we now support...
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