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ELI5 Layer2.Finance: The Modern Subway of the DeFi City 

Since we announced layer2.finance, we have received more than a few requests for us to write an ELI5 (Explain like I am 5) article...
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Layer2.finance: Get DeFi Mass Adoption Today, Scaling Layer-1 DeFi “In-place” with ZERO Migration

Layer2.finance bring layer-2 scaling to existing layer-1 DeFi ecosystem with no protocol migration needed and therefore, does not cause liquidity fragmentation or break composability.
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Celer cBridge: Fast and Low-cost Value Transfer Network for an Interconnected Layer2 and Layer1 Future

We are thrilled to introduce Celer cBridge, a multi-chain network that enables instant, low-cost and ANY-to-ANY value transfers within and across Ethereum’s layer-2 chains,...
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Update on State Guardian Network Mainnet Phase One

First, we are very excited to update the community that we have not identified any issue during the Phase Zero of State Guardian Network...
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Celer State Guardian Network Launches on Mainnet

We are excited to announce that the Phase One of the Celer State Guardian Network (SGN) mainnet is now up and running! SGN is...
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Celer Joins Reddit Great Scaling Bakeoff : exactly matching use cases, already in production with happy users

Celer is a layer-2 scaling platform pioneering the technology of state channel network and hybrid roll-up. Ethereum is our home and we have a proven track record to...
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